FREMONT, California – A Filipino owner of a 2006 Prius vehicle has decided to have his car checked after seeing a video of a runaway Prius in San Diego County that could easily have ended in a fatal car crash.
Victor Batangas just got back from the Philippines last week. “I haven’t used my car in a month, so when I came back Thursday I saw and read all those recalls. I better bring it in,” Batangas said.
Batangas was referring to the incident that happened on March 9, when according to the Associated Press, a driver named James Sikes called 911, saying his Prius was accelerating uncontrollably. The Prius reached speed of 94 miles per hour on Interstate 8 outside of San Diego. California Highway Patrol officers were able to slow the car and helped Sikes stop the vehicle. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating, and Toyota has sent its own investigators as well.
The Associate Press also reports that a Prius collision in upstate New York is also being investigated by the federal government. The driver of the 2005 Prius says the car accelerated on its own, eventually crumpling the front end on a stone wall.
Aside from basic maintenance repairs, service people said Batangas’ Prius had no issues.
Toyota’s president, Akio Toyoda, has promised to regain consumers’ confidence in his brand. Toyota is offering 5-year interest-free loans on 9 models and rebates of up to $3,000 on select models. Balitang America