The 1982 Corvette was the last year to feature the classic "Shark" body style. 

Vehicle Production and Base Prices
Car Type Production Price
2-door coupe18,648 $18,290.07
Corvette Collector Edition Hatchback6,75922,537.59

The Collector's Edition for 82 had a list price of $22,537 which was the first year a Vette cost over $20,000.
Engine Specifications
Type ohv V-8
Displacement, liters/cubic inch 5.7/350
Bore X stroke, inches4.00 X 3.48
Fuel managementCross-Fire Throttle Body Fuel Injection
Horsepower @ rpm200 @ 4,200
Torque @ rpm, pound-foot283 @ 2,800
Published Performance Numbers
Acceleration200 hp, 2-speed automatic
0-60 mph, second7.9
0-100 mph, second24.8
1/4-mile, second @ mph16.1 @ 85

Due to federal regulations, HP continued to be low for all production cars. The Vette made up for the low HP with an impressive 283 lb of torque.

The 82 featured the Cross-Fire Injection" TB system.

1982 Corvette Cross-Fire Injector The 1982 Corvette engine bay did offer a glimpse into the future. A new fuel delivery system called "Cross-Fire Injection" made it's debut. Sometimes called "Throttle Body Injection", it can be thought of as a combination of a carburetor and fuel injection. The new system enabled the engine to be rated at 200 hp and still satisfied the increasingly stringent anti-smog regulations. A new electrical fuel pump integral to the gas tank was part of the system. 

 My 1982 Corvette