A common pitfall owners of classic cars fall into is over spending on their car.

A certain car might be purchased due to sentimental memories. They may have had their first date in these kinds of cars. A grandparent might of owned a 57 T-bird owned and owning one brings back a lot of memories. Emotional spending can be a real issue when it comes to restoring your classic car.

It's not uncommon for a  hot rod owner to spend $75,000 to $150,000 on a show car. Recouping these expenses will be nearly impossible for most owners.

Many owners just accept this fact and try to enjoy their car.

One Classic car restorer recently confessed he  doesn’t know if his Ford pickup gets 2 miles to the gallon when driving on the highway or in the city. Looking at the gleaming black rebuilt 1940 truck, he simply shrugs his shoulders. “When you spend five years of your life rebuilding something like this, it doesn’t matter,” he said.